released May 27, 2015

All music and lyrics by ILLS unless borrowed. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Samuli Peurala & ILLS, Helsinki, 19.10.2014–26.5.2015. Hannu Oksa, Samuli Peurala, Eetu Blomqvist, Taneli Saari, Kimmo Saastamoinen. Thank you Tatu Kuisma, friends and lovers – none named, none forgotten.



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ILLS Finland

Established in 2008

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Track Name: Broken Knees
Here’s a broken man
On a trodden path
On a way down
What does a man amass
Next to broken glass
On his way down

Everything's left you
From friends to will
Nothing but the brunt of a white man's anger
Yet the worst of all
Are the hardest to kill
Feeding from the white man's anger

A tale of a common man
Not worth a damn
On his way down

Hear your judgement
Take up your white man’s anger
And reap what you’ve sown
Bind you to exile
The judgement of your deeds
Track Name: Left Hand Path
A fly cracking my skull
A thought picking my brain
Mind’s gone on a ride
Rollin’ on clear black night
A fly cracking my skull
A thought picking my brain
A loaded gun to my head
Homeboy's going insane

I must be losing my mind

Fast as a bullet train
Bad as Gucci Mane
Quick as a first fuck
I’m gonna regulate
Right as November rain
So real that I'm not on sale
Hard as a T-Rex's rod
Fuck you up pound for pound
Nothing can stop me now
Track Name: Plainsong
Am I not golden
Am I not the wanted
Guiding, shining beacon
I don’t want to be a version
A brittle, shaking creation
But charming, braving, chosen

How will my song be sung
Will someone stand in my place?
How will my song be sung
And will I be remembered?

Am I not a story
A record breaking headline
Forever bask in glory
I want to be the version
A raging, burning sensation
Not a whimper but a bang