Mark of Man




Released in April 2011 by Cobra Records.

Now available for order at Cobra Records webstore, link above.


released 30 April 2011



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Track Name: Night was all
I walk around with notes
that reverb through my bones
this morning came with birds stripped off their calls
I look around for another grieving soul

But I see ruins in wilderness
I see hearts filled with emptiness

I feel through my bones
the gasping song in aching notes
everywhere I see the mark of man
everything is as black as sin

Solemn death, a final breath as you accept the curse of man
Scream out your pain, your pride in shame for the suffering you give all of us

No more ruins in wilderness
decayed hearts void of emptiness
no more springing
no more dying
no more singing
no more weeping
Track Name: Dead in life
Nausea of the soul
Sickening despair
Weariness so profound
I think I'm going to die

Disgust at life
My senses have lied
The world is not of delight
But betrayal and lies

God hates and I hate you too
What a tainted word you've made of yourself
Of every curse you have the worse
Your god has made you your own god

Give me power and I will destroy you

Nausea of the soul
Sickening despair
Weariness so profound
I'm going to die

No joyful dance
In shining light
Living is hateful
But death's no better

People are indifferent, dead in life